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Grab my ready to go 5 Weekday Dinners Meal Plan now, and you will:
- Save at least 3 hours a week
- Save lots of money on your food shopping
- Stop throwing the food out to the bin
- Eat healthier
- Enjoy cooking process
- Surprise your loved ones with variety of new dishes

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It was devastating to see how much food we throw out in the bin each week, only because we are terrible at meal planning. We would buy anything and everything without thought what we will use it for! I was angry at myself but had no clue how to begin meal planning. And then I discovered Agne! Now I know that meal planning can be fun, easy, save us time shopping and so much money. Agne and her simple yet effective meal planning techniques transformed my life!
Thank you, Agne!

Dovile Urbanaite

Agne does food shopping and preparation so well. Her tips and tricks really do save time and money and ensure you won't throw food out which we all hate to do. Her ebook is really simple to follow and the shopping list is so helpful.
Thank you Agne 🌹

Maria McNeill


What’s Inside the Book?


Not a pro in the kitchen? I got your back! Enjoy these five most common family dinners that are super easy to prepare and cook, and also super healthy and delicious.


No more headaches of what to cook! With this Ready-to-go Meal Plan what’s for dinner question will not even pop up any more! Grab the eBook and enjoy smart five Dinner Meal Plan.


Stop spending hours doing your food shopping, and learn how to make an insanely effective grocery list! You can now complete weekly food shopping for the whole family in only 45 minutes with this eBook.

A little word from me...

I am a Family Health Coach and help busy mums to save at least 3 hours a week and lots of money by Mindful Shopping and Healthy Meal Planning.

My purpose is to help you and every other busy mum nourish a healthy family in a joyful household. I know you are so busy all the time. You are overwhelmed with the choice out there. You want to make sure your family enjoys healthy and when possible home-cooked meals, but you are struggling to do so? And every night you come back home and to the same question 'what's for dinner tonight?'
Exhausted, stressed and unprepared you finally pick up the phone once again and order another takeaway or throw some plain pasta on the plate.

I will teach you how you will be able to answer what's for dinner question once a week instead of every night. How to do food shopping every seven days and avoid unnecessary runs to the supermarket every day on the way home? And finally, how to avoid throwing the food out to the bin because it is out of date! I am here to help you get the hold of your organised kitchen while implementing healthy eating habits.

I started meal planning in 2008, two years after my daughter was born. Why not right away? Because I had to make a ton of mistakes to start looking for solutions. Some of these mistakes were small, like forgetting a key ingredient at the supermarket, while other mistakes were expensive and painful (spending lots of money on so-called weekly food shopping to come back home and find that there is nothing to eat for a day, never mind a week).
In 12 years, my meal planning has gone from flailing to one of my favourite weekly tasks — not just because I have mastered what to do each week, but also what not to do when meal planning for my family.

My life motto is: 'In life, in kitchen, and health — it's all about the balance!' And so, you might see me with a cup of coffee, a glass of red wine, or enjoying super delicious pastry! I live life with a little spice, and I want to help you do the same.

And now - let's get started!

Agne Jonele​

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