Hi, I’m Agne!

I eat my steak medium rare, drink my wine red, love sour desserts and live life with a little spice.

I talk about True Health and having a good balance in life.

My mission is to inspire you to look and feel great, have the most amazing relationship with your kids, partner, family and yourself, as well as break free from the rat race and live life of your dreams with no financial restrictions.

Look and feel fabulous every day!


A bit about me

I am a real bookworm 🙂

I loooove cooking and experimenting with the food but I never follow the recipe to the detail…

I want to inspire people to live to their full potential. I want to show everyone that so much is possible!

I am enthusiastic and very driven. Being the first child out of 3, I became responsible and very independent from the early age.

I am a realist and clearly know that it doesn’t matter if a glass is half full or half empty, it is always refillable.

I remind myself that if ‘Plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.’

I have the most amazing family and feel so much love around me that I never imagined was possible.

Complicated childhood with an alcoholic and abusive father didn’t break me but made me even more determined to have love and peace in my own family.

I am open-hearted, open-minded and approachable.

I am always ready to learn and take in, I am ambitious, strong-willed, disciplined and organised.

I am always pursuing my goals.

I am my word and I am truthful. Therefore with a high integrity.


I am caring – I put others in front of myself. And feel so much love towards everyone (or almost everyone 🙂 )

And I want you to find your true potential.

My story…

I was the top student in high school. And I was taught that if I study well, get into college, get a good degree, I will have a good job and live happily ever after.

But it doesn’t work like that, does it?

It took me 10 years to get my Hons BA degree in Business Management. And not because I wasn’t smart enough or hard-working, but life has its own plan 🙂

I fell in love and left my country, changed 3 different universities till I finally found what I thought was ‘my thing’.

I had a young family – a toddler as well as a baby when I was finishing my degree. I worked full time, studied and was raising a young family.

I was sure I was getting to places in life, I had a vision! And I am very driven when I have one!

As a graduate with Hons BA degree, I did the internship and worked for free for 6 months to prove my capabilities and to get a well-paid job. And I did.

But what I realised a year or two later? There is no big money there, there is no further opportunities or any opportunity to earn more means you need to work more!

I hardly had time for my family as it was! My kids were growing up, I was working late, working weekends and missing out on so much! And when my 6-year old son asked me one day: ‘mummy, how come you are always working when we are off?’ It moved me to tears…

IMG_1500 2

And that still wasn’t my breaking point…

During all this time, my husband and I also tried unsuccessfully to set up 4 different and diverse businesses. We also tried diving into sales with Amazon, looked into a few different network marketing companies. Something was not clicking…

I was then let go of my convenient full-time job while on my maternity leave with our third child.

Life was making all unexpected turns and detours for me to get me on the right track (so I believe).

And here I am. I found what’s true to me. I discovered my passion and purpose. I want to share True Health.

I now have the freedom and the flexibility. I have time for my kids. I have time for myself. I keep growing as a person. And I keep working on my dreams.

I am passionate about the healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances.

I want people to see what’s possible. I want everyone to breakthrough the way I did…

Hope this inspires you 😉

Lots of love,

Agne Jonele


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