Meal Planning

One Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Keep the Joy in Motherhood

 September 4, 2020

By  Agne Jonele

💡One Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Keep the Joy in Motherhood

yes, we are a mother/wife/daughter/daughter-in-law/friend/employee or employer…

…and many other titles…

❌ And seriously – this ain’t easy! ❌

Let’s face it: motherhood can be stressful. While the position brings some of the best perks you can imagine—the fun, the growth, the love—it also brings more than its share of work, frustration, and stress…

📍We, mothers, want to tick all the boxes! Make sure the house is clean, the floors are mopped, kids are looked after, husband not forgotten, work is done…

Stressed and overwhelmed mum

And let’s not forget the most important of all – healthy meals are served daily! oh, I mean 3 times a day 🤦‍♀️

❌ That alone brings so much stress! So how could you do it all and reduce the stress?

💡After talking to many ladies throughout my journey I got to see that most women claim to know what to eat and serve for the family to maintain a healthy diet, the problem is usually doing it.⠀

📍The busyness of life always seems to get in the way of planning and prepping, and when we aren’t prepared we are going to fall back on what is easy, even if it’s not the healthiest.

🟢 Hey, I get it. That is life, and I have done the same thing.

Getting a pizza delivered or a quick run through the drive-through seems like a good idea when the kids are screaming, and the fridge is a tad empty 🤷‍♀️

📍What is the solution, you may ask?

Meal Preparation with kids

You probably have guessed it! Meal Planning!

🟢 As I already mentioned many times before, for me, meal planning is my saving grace when it comes to feeding my family.

I could not get nutritious and delicious, balanced meals on the table for my gang every night if I didn’t do it.

You can start Meal Planning with three easy steps:

  1. Set some uninterrupted time (oh yes, I know – it is not easy with the little people running around you, but just do it), take a sheet of paper, note pad, a printable template and decide on the meal you will cook next week.
  2. Create a shopping list following the recipes of the meal you are planning to make. Then – go shopping! (with the list only!)
  3. Set an hour or two on Sunday and start prepping! Chop some vegetables and place them in the airtight containers, cut and season the meats or fish, prepare some chicken breast for the sandwiches and wraps for school etc. This extra hour or two of work on Sunday will save you hours during the week – I promise! 
Chopping vegetables on Sunday will save you hours during the week

So what is a big deal and should you ‘waste’ your time on all of this? Well, Meal Planning will reduce your stress massively! 

And just to remind you – Meal Planning is NOT and does NOT need to be complicated!

Stay with me and I will show you all my tricks…  

Agne Jonele

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