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How To Turn Your Food Shopping From Blah Into Fantastic

 September 4, 2020

By  Agne Jonele

📍 Did you ever come back home after carrying bags and bags of food and spending hundreds of euros just to realise that there is hardly anything proper to eat?

📍You unpack your bags only to find three loaves of bread (unintentional & unnecessary, of course 🙃) but maybe vegetable drawer is still empty?

📍You get another 5kg bag of potatoes when the one you bought last week is still unopened and untouched?

Food shopping without grocery list

🤷‍♀️ Interesting, right?

✅ Because we simply rely too much on our good decision-making power which goes out of the window when we go to the supermarket (or shop online)

There are so many determinants that affect food choice like:

✔️ Social and cultural influences

✔️ Psychological factors such as stress, mood

✔️ Biological determinants such as hunger, palatability and sensory factors

✔️ Economic determinants such as cost, income, availability⠀

And so much more!⠀

💡 To overcome all this and bring the power back into your hands, start planning the meals you will prepare for the week ahead and write your shopping list before you enter the supermarket.⠀

📝 Taking time to create a simple shopping list will lead to the fuller fridge, healthier choices and no more food waste!

How cool is that! 🤩

So, let’s begin…

Grocery shopping tips

It may seem daunting and time-consuming to start creating Grocery Shopping List! Oh, trust me – I know the feeling! And yet – when you get the hang of it, you will find that it saves hours and hours of your precious time later! 

And here are a few simple steps to take to start your Food Shopping List creation! 

Cupboard inventory
  1. Check out your fridge, freezer and cupboards for the food that you already have and that needs to be used up! Yes, exactly! Sounds like a no brainer and yet – how many times did you come back with a bag of carrots or packs of chickpeas just to find that you actually had plenty to last you another month! Don’t skip this step. 
  2. Make a shopping list following the meal plan (ok, you don’t need to call it a meal plan, but have an idea of what are you planning to cook that week). 
  3. Have a Master Shopping Guide – a list of main ingredients divided by sections. This is a great reminder of the things you usually buy and going through it helps to remember what you are missing at home. 
  4. Always have a back-up plan. Let’s be real – we all have days when we do not want to cook! It is ok! Have a back-up plan, the meals that you can cook with your eyes closed (or maybe something healthy and ready-made in a freezer?).
  5. Pack up some reusable grocery bags! I think it is time we all pay attention to the amount of plastic bags we are using completely unnecessary. Once again – baby steps… Start doing your part by having reusable bags. 

And off you go! That’s all you need to have fun at the supermarket and enjoy new grocery shopping experience with an effective shopping list.  

Agne Jonele

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