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Do You Make These Simple Mistakes being a Busy Mum?

 September 4, 2020

By  Agne Jonele

Do you think about everyone else before you think about yourself? And no, it’s not a tricky question! I am being very serious here! 

And even when you are by yourself and not with your kids, you are still worried about whether they ate a healthy dinner or if they are upset that you are not home to read them a bedtime story?

Busy and stressed mum

✔️ You try to multitask and do a million jobs all at once⠀

✔️ You are completing cleaning services daily – aka toy putter away-er, constant crumb vacuum-er, tornado fixer, face wiper, dishwasher.

✔️ Being a Chef—aka gourmet cook, dual chef-sous chef combo, waitress, snack maker, walking Pinterest meal board, pizzeria chef.

✔️ Personal assistant – aka appointment maker, playdate scheduler, event planner, task manager.

✔️ Teacher – aka homework helper, an example of living a moral life, explainer of right and wrong.

✔️ Chauffeur – aka seat buckler, car seat installer, car DJ.

✔️ Referee – aka fight breaker upper, mediator, tantrum tamer.

✔️ Meal planner – aka grocery shopper, ingredient investigator, recipe reader, cookbook etc…

📍And of course, you have no time left for yourself, like ever!

I got you covered! By starting to plan your weekly meals, you will save at least three hours a week and more!!!

Do you want to know how? 

Well, I have got your back here! 

Before we go for the deep-dive, let’s make sure we are on the same page here about what meal planning really is and more importantly – what it can do for you!⠀

Become a Meal Planning Expert

Meal planning is asking the ‘what’s for dinner’ question once for the whole week, instead of every night. And then shopping for and prepping the ingredients before cooking.

I believe the simplest way to approach meal planning is with three steps.

  1. Select your dinners and their recipes, if needed.
  2. Shop for ingredients.
  3. Prepare those ingredients.

Yes, it is that simple.

Oh, and here is a PRO Tip for you: Spend an Hour on Sunday Prepping!⠀

You picked your recipes, you made a shopping list, you shopped for the meals, and now you’ve come to the point where the plan truly becomes dinner.

But there’s one more step — and this one will help you beat cooking fatigue during the week. You’ve got to do some prep!

I recommend you set aside an hour on Sunday for batch cooking and chopping. It all depends on the recipes, but this may include:

✔️ dicing up garlic

✔️ chopping veggies

✔️ washing lettuce and herbs

✔️ maybe even cooking up some chicken ahead of time?

This prep is always a massive help during those busy weekdays!

Now – grab your pen and paper and start planning.


📗 Download my new AND free eBook with ready to go Meal Plan AND shopping list (I know – you can thank me later!) for five weekdays! And start from there!

Then, grab that glass of wine and chill!

Grab and a glass of wine and chill

Agne Jonele

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