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5 Strong Reasons to Creating Your Own Homemade Pizzas from Scratch

 June 5, 2020

By  Agne Jonele

When I was young, I bought lots of packaged and processed foods simply for convenience. And let’s be real – I didn’t know any better. I was an excellent chef having an experience from 13 years of age, but why would I go into the hassle of making Pizza from scratch if the frozen ones are readily available in the Supermarket?

But after having kids and nourishing our little healthy family, I got to see that the convenient meals ready in the shop is definitely NOT the same as made at home. My attitude changed even further after our daughter was tested as gluten and dairy intolerant as well as having an allergic reaction to yellow food colouring.

I realised the importance of home-cooking from scratch. Through lots of practice and tons of mistakes, I have discovered the right methods, added my own touch, and I now have systems that work flawlessly every time.

I developed a framework that makes cooking at home effortless, with little time, lots of fun, and much healthier. I reveal my kitchen hacks to you how to make healthy and tasty bread, how to make natural yogurts effortlessly, create homemade sauces, and more.

But today let’s all about Pizza.

creating your homemade pizza from scratch

Who doesn’t like pizza! I think hardly anyone can say ‘no’ to pizza. But you know what – the best pizza is homemade pizza! Why? Because once again I will repeat – you know exactly what you put in and on it! And the options are endless! What is your preference? Vegetarian? Seafood? Cheesy? Full of meat? Spicy? You name it – you can make it all!

I love making homemade pizza for a few reasons:

  • Cheaper
  • Tastier
  • Variety
  • Quality
  • FUN!


It is so much cheaper to make your own homemade pizza than order takeaway. Why? It’s a perfect solution for those days when you find hardly anything in the fridge and maybe a few more days till pay date – this is your BEST dinner option 🙂 Make sure you have flour, yeast, cheese, tomato sauce and lots of imagination!


And by the homemade pizza, I really mean everything made from scratch! Don’t be afraid – it’s not complicated at all! And it is so much tastier! You can add many more ingredients, anything you like or have and lots of it!

Do you find those takeaway pizzas or bought in ones have a tiny amount of cheese and few slices of pepperoni? Well, that’s sorted when you make your own homemade pizza at home 😉


Do you find it hard to decide which pizza to go for when ordering one in the restaurant? Well, by making your own you can add anything you like! Seriously! Anything (ok, maybe almost everything) you find in the fridge or cupboard. The options are endless…


Once again – you all know how important quality for me is. This is why I cook homemade meals daily. It is so important for me to serve quality meals for my family. Best way to get quality is by buying quality ingredients and cooking your own meals. I know it is not always perfect but I sincerely believe it is as close as it can get to perfect! When you cook your own meals you know exactly what you add to it!


It is always so much fun making homemade pizza! Involve kids! Make it a real party! Let them create their own pizzas, different shapes and sizes, try different toppings. Put great music on and start rocking!

So here it is – Homemade Pizza by Agne 😉

homemade pizza from scratch


Pizza Dough (2 large pizzas):

30g. extra virgin Olive oil
220g. of water (room temperature)
1tsp sugar
20g. fresh yeast or 2tsp dried instant yeast
400g. bread flour
1tsp salt


  1. Suggestions for Toppings
  • Pepperoni & Mushrooms (add chili for spicy pizza)
  • Ham & Pineapple
  • Lightly grease a large bowl and set aside.
  • Place water, sugar and fresh yeast in a bowl and dissolve yeast in warm water.
  • Add flour, extra virgin olive oil, and salt, mix it well together.
  • Place dough in a prepared bowl, cover the bowl with a cling film and let the dough rise until doubled in size (approx. 1 hour).
  • Ham & Mushrooms
  • Onions, Bacon & beaten egg
  • Chicken & Pineapple
  • Chicken, mushrooms & olives (or chili for spicy)
  • Chicken & peppers
  • Tuna (canned), onions & olives
  • Roasted vegetables (sweet potato, courgette, peppers fully prepared in the oven) & goats cheese
  • Chicken, pesto & goats cheese
  • Sauteed onions & red peppers, then cooked king prawns on top
  • Chicken, bacon, onions & chili (spicy)
  • Four cheese: brie cheese, blue cheese, goats cheese, cheddar, etc.

And many many more…

All pizzas are done in the same way: shape the pizza, add tomato sauce evenly, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Then add any of your toppings uncooked (except the roasted veg or other toppings sometimes can be sauteed as mentioned in the recipes). Bake for 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven (200C).

And this is it! I hope you will give it a try and make a real party for your family with these AMAZING homemade pizzas!

Lots of love,

Agne Jonele

Agne Jonele

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