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Planning is the KEY!

 June 3, 2020

By  Agne Jonele

If you are anything like me 14 years ago, you’re probably running to the supermarket almost daily.

You’re only planning to grab a thing or two but leave carrying 20 random items in your hands, holding it with your chin, bags of veg and cartoons of milk in your handbag, items stuffed in your pockets.

The next day it is the same story again…

It is like a never-ending food shopping exercise. But what’s worst then, you come back home, start cooking the dinner just to realise that you are missing an ingredient…

I know exactly how you feel, and I got your back! Through the trial and error, I have turned this experience around and mastered the skills of planning plus developed my own system on how I plan our family meals and shopping that helps me save lots of time, stress and even money!

People who know me now would tell that I am great at organising and planning things. And I really am. But they don’t realise that it wasn’t always like that.

The main reason I like planning is that it makes my life so much easier. At the end of the day, all we do in life is from an egoistic approach – to make our own lives easier, more fun, more acceptable – whatever the reason may be. So I plan things. I like things going in a particular order and I love having clarity.

Why I believe planning is important in life?
1) A planned life gives you direction.
2) A planned life puts your dreams within reach.
3) A planned life puts you in control.
4) A planned life gives you peace.
5) A planned life gives you purpose.
6) A planned life gives you passion.
7) A planned life empowers you.
8) A planned life helps you achieve your goals & have a successful life of your desire.
9) A planned life puts your subconscious mind to work for you.
10) A planned life gives you freedom.


Don’t get me wrong, my life is not all obsessively lined up and pre-arranged. You heard me say it before – it’s all about the BALANCE 😉 I allow things to happen naturally and believe it is important to leave the space for the Universe or whoever is there to do its job also. But there are a few things that I always plan:

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Shopping list following a meal plan
  • Exercise
  • Planning ‘THE ONE THING’

And there are many more that I plan from time to time but not consistently. Some should be done more regularly and I am planning on revealing them at the later blogs – you might even help me to gain those new habits! So here is my reasoning for planning the items mentioned above 😉

Planning Weekly Meals

I am very passionate about raising healthy kids, therefore, I am committed to giving the best food I can to my family. And to do that I simply need to plan the meals.

The biggest challenge most people face when wanting to eat healthier is the preparation/planning or rather, a lack of it.

If you are not prepared, you won’t make the right choices. You need to be very clear about what you’re going to eat and have the right ingredients available. When you’re hungry, you more likely to grab a ‘quick fix’ which is not necessarily the healthy choice. So, what I do is I am ALWAYS prepared. Or as much as I can. And to do that I prepare a meal plan for the whole week. Every week (maybe most of the weeks;) ).

smart kitchen planning creating celebrating agne jonele

Planning Shopping List

These two are interconnecting. When I plan my meals for the week, I then create the shopping list following the meal plan. This is a great habit to get into. There are lots of benefits to preparing your meal plan and creating a shopping list for the week:

  • Peace of mind. I don’t need to make a decision 35 times a week on what I am going to cook and eat.
  • Saving me time. I would spend an hour of my week in preparing the meal plan and shopping list, but it saves me lots of time during the shopping as I know exactly what I am looking for.
  • Save me money. I spend considerably less when I do the shopping following the list instead of just putting anything and everything into my trolley.
  • I have all the ingredients I need for the dishes I have planned to make – shopping done once a week instead of every other day.
  • No temptations. When I don’t go to the shop daily, I don’t have the temptation to grab a pack of sweets or a chocolate bar.

Honestly, I am not kidding! Don’t shop when you are hungry! You’ll grab things automatically that you really don’t need. It’s much harder to make the right choice when you’re hungry! Your brain will find any possible excuse on the planet to grab that chocolate bar!


Growing together with technologies, I actually have moved away from the pen and paper at this step and use an amazing app ShopShop – Shopping list. I find it really beneficial as anytime I notice we are out of an item in the fridge, I grab a phone and put it down on the shopping list. Planning on the go and I can never lose it!

Planning Exercise

It’s kinda clear… We all know the benefits of exercise. And we all know we should do it. We better do it… Oh, if I could just do it… And it never happens. Why? Because we just say to ourselves – ‘tomorrow’. And what happens then? It’s like from that song:

‘If tomorrow never comes…’ by Ronan Keating

It never comes unless I plan it and put something in place. Not just say in my head ‘I will do it tomorrow’. That doesn’t count. Cause no one can hear my thoughts so no one can catch me when tomorrow comes and I find another excuse and tell myself ‘I will do it tomorrow’.

So I really try to plan my exercise or at least to make sure I am active daily. Sadly, I do not like to exercise at all… It has been my biggest struggle like – always 🤷‍♀️ What I do though is make sure I do something more actively daily. You can actually find my tips on how I do that in one of the sections in my eBook ‘30 Simple Steps for Healthier You‘.

Planning the ‘One Thing’

I will be telling you about this in the new blog. But just very briefly: my oh my – this is it! Focus on the One and the most important thing of the day. My Daily Planner helps me to stop and think what is the most important thing that has to be done that day? And then what I should do, I would love to do and so on. It helps me plan and think through priorities.

‘Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” – Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

I get that our to-do lists, especially of every woman, are endless! And I know how proud I am of myself when I can cross out as many as possible from the list in the day. But are these the tasks that have to be done? Are these the ones that will make the difference in my True Physical Health? True Financial Health? Healthy Relationship? So now I plan my One Thing usually first thing in the morning before I even jump into daily chores! And it works!


To quote the amazing Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

And for the final note, I would like just to say – let’s plan some important things in life! I’m striving for success! I am working towards nourishing my healthy family in the joyful household, and the truth is – without planning it, it’s not gonna happen 😉

Food for thought…

Oh, and once again – don’t forget to download my Free guide ’30 Simple Steps for Healthier You’


Lots of love,

Agne Jonele

Agne Jonele

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