‘Nights of Rain and Stars’ Book Review

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‘Nights of Rain and Stars’ by Maeve Binchy

Rating: 9/10IMG_1070

Level: Easy read, simple language

Date: 03/11/2018

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Amazing book about the challenges and troubles of four different people who are complete strangers to each other. Four strangers from different countries (Ireland, Germany, England, and America) traveled to a small village in Greece trying to escape their worries, troubles, and concerns.

The beautiful village and all the locals welcomed the four individuals while suffering from their own troubles and challenges. Book revealed many fears, doubts, sorrows the four strangers had that so many people could relate to.

What I loved about the book

I really enjoyed the book because it involved six different stories with troubles and challenges that everyone can relate in one way or another. Maeve Binchy was moving from one character to another while slowly involving them together. She has an amazing talent in storytelling sharing various emotions and moving a reader from the extremes – from love to hate, kindness to cruelty, dedication to betrayal and many more. Maeve Binchy managed to tell the story in such an extraordinary way that a person dealing with a problem could not see a solution whereas the solution was so absolutely clear to everyone else. Which is exactly how it is in life – our problem always seems like the biggest and impossible to solve when everyone else feels that their challenge is much more complicated. We can always see a way out for others’ problems but not our own.

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Have you read this book? Or any others by Maeve Binchy?

Comment below with your thoughts – would love to hear your view or recommendation!

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