The Unconventional Guide to Meditation

Meditation is another popular word these days and many of us have no or very little understanding of what this thing is all about. Also, there is a lot of misconception out there about meditation and, therefore, I will share my experience, point of view to reveal what I have discovered in a few years.

Once again – I am no expert in meditation and not claiming to be one. But I had a very interesting experience in the last few years and decided to share my own insights.

Firstly, for quite some time now I work a lot on my self-development and educate myself as often as I can. Therefore, I have learned from so many successful people that one of their main practices is morning meditation. And I was like ‘uh’… I never thought I could do something like. But I tried. For a few years – on and off – to start a meditation practice. But what usually happened?

  • I fell asleep
  • My mind wandered away
  • I had no time to stick with it consistently
  • I felt no difference

More and more people around me were doing meditation practices. More and more of them were giving phenomenal feedback on how it is changing their life, how good they feel etc. And I felt like an outsider who simply doesn’t get it! But the only thing that happened during these few years was that I had a complete misconception about meditation!

  1. Meditation is a complete stillness.
    Nope! Actually, I found out that meditation is all about mindfulness, could be doing some ordinary daily activity mindfully, e.g. mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful floor mopping etc. Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting quietly with the legs crossed, but it can be with movement, saying mantras, focused and directed thinking and probably more.
  2. Meditation is staying quiet.
    Nope! As I revealed in the previous point, meditation can be repeating mantras, affirmations, letting signs out, breathing loudly. There are 7 types of meditation:

    • Mindfulness Meditation
    •  Transcendental Meditation
    •  Guided Meditation
    •  Vipassana Meditation
    •  Loving Kindness Meditation
    •  Chakra Meditation
    •  Yoga Meditation
  3. Meditation is about ’emptying your mind’
    Nope! ‘Meditation isn’t about stopping our thoughts or trying to empty our mind – both of these approaches only create stress and noisier internal chatter. We can’t stop or control our thoughts, but we can decide how much attention to give them.’ (The Chopra Centre) You can enjoy guided meditation (and this is the one I do mainly to be fair) and have an amazing effect. And I am never mad at me for having thoughts!
  4. Results from day 1 OR it takes years of practice.
    Both are incorrect! It is a new habit you’re trying to learn, to muscle to train. The mind is the biggest muscle and it is a great way to learn to manage it a bit better 😉
  5. Meditation is only for reducing anxiety and stress.
    Once again – nope. Meditation has many benefits but mainly it is learning how you can control your mind and your life. meditation-2.png
  6. Meditation is difficult.
    It doesn’t have to be. It was REALLY difficult for me until I found the way and learn a bit more about it. The one thing that worked for me is when I set up a 30-day meditation challenge for myself and announced it on Facebook… Then I kinda had to stick with it 😀 I don’t just drop things, I have to win all the time even if it is against myself 😀 So I tricked myself! Did the challenge (missed only 1 day) and this way I simply gained a habit! Now when I wake up the first thing I do is put the meditation on and follow the flow…
  7. Meditation is a spiritual or religious practice.
    ‘It doesn’t require a specific spiritual belief, and many people of many different religions practice meditation without any conflict with their current religious beliefs. Some meditators have no particular religious beliefs or are atheist or agnostic’ (Deepak Chopra, M.D.)

So you probably now wonder ‘what is meditation’? It was explained perfectly in this article of How to be Happy:

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps to control our own mind and consequently our own life and discover ourselves. Meditating helps us to control our mind and thoughts and turn off our mind when we do not need it anymore

And for this reason, I recommend looking into it. We live such a busy life now! Everyone is running like in a rat race. Everything has to be done here and now, we don’t stop, we have no time… We listen to the chatter in our head constantly! So let’s stop for a moment. Let’s do things mindfully. Let’s breathe…

meditation 2.png

Lots of love,

Agne Jonele


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