Phones out – it’s a selfie time!

You didn’t expect that, right? Knowing me you would probably think I would say to keep the phones away. And I do. Most of the time 🙂 But times are changing and we need to adapt accordingly. This blog is about phones, selfies and how to use technologies and help interact with each other so we wouldn’t lose that connection with each other! You will find downloadable Selfie Scavenger hunt in this blog too!

I am all about having restrictions with phones and other gadgets, especially for kids. It is really frightening to me how people are addicted to their phones and tablets nowadays. People sitting next to each other and congratulating on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the birthday! I’m like – seriously? Or wife and husband living in the same house and wishing happy birthday via Facebook… I at least hope they gave a hug also for the loved one and not leave it for the Facebook interaction only.

Does it sound harsh? Maybe…


But would you agree we are all losing social connection because of these technologies? Would you agree that smartphones are killing conversations? According to MIT professor Sherry Turkle:

‘Even something as simple as going to lunch and putting a cell phone on the table decreases the emotional importance of what people are willing to talk about, and it decreases the connection that the two people feel toward one another’. Sherry Turkle

I believe we lose our ability to have deeper, more spontaneous conversations with others because a lot of the times our focus is somewhere else. We get distracted easily with all the notifications popping up and phone buzzing. We are having an attention span of a goldfish and it is frightening to me. We are getting more and more isolated.


Can we ignore the technologies? Every adult, teenager and even a lot of children are having phones or tablets these days. There are a lot of benefits, of course, to using the technologies. So how can we use them to our advantage and still interact with each other?


Here is an idea! My daughter was celebrating her 12th birthday last week and while planning it I found this idea and I loved it! Selfie scavenger hunt! Young people in particular love taking pictures especially selfies. According to Emerald publishing these are the 3 reasons why people love taking selfies:

  1. To convey happiness
  2. To show beauty
  3. To enhance self-esteem

So if people enjoy taking selfies, why not make it a game with more interaction? At the end of the day, life is evolving and we have to change the things we do accordingly 😉

There are tons of options and ways on how to use this game but I will attach the one that my daughter and I came up with and gathered together. Feel free to download it and try it out!

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

How to play it

A Photo Scavenger Hunt is an activity that involves groups finding interesting things and capturing them using a camera.  A simple yet fun way to promote teamwork and bonding.

  1. Prepare sheets of paper with the items that need to be photographed. Be creative and make it fun.
  2. Divide kids into teams or at least pairs.
  3. The team always stays together.
  4. Check that camera or phone is working and is fully charged.
  5. Set a time limit.
  6. Depending on the age you might want to set the limits of how far the kids can go.
  7. Do not take a photo of two items together. They must be in separate pictures.
  8. Check off any found items in order to keep track.

To make it even more fun, take pictures using Snapchat, Instagram and add descriptions/taglines on the photo. Post them if agreed using the hashtag for the birthday or other important events/occasions.

Our girls had a blast at the party! It kept them entertained for a while as well as they were using their creativity, were running outside and playing together as a team! This is all that every happy mum needs!


After such a huge success I created a video scavenger hunt that you can download below. It is the exact same principle only it takes longer and it is even more interactive!

Video Scavenger Hunt

How to play it

  1. Prepare the printed out sheets of the list of things that have to be recorded.
  2. Players split up into teams. (A minimum of 2 teams is all you need!)
  3. Players set out to complete specific tasks on a list in a most creative way.
  4. Use a camera or phone to record short videos of at least 10 seconds.
  5. Make sure the phone or camera is fully charged.
  6.  Check off any found items in order to keep track.
  7.  Agree on the time limit to complete the scavenger hunt.

So here – not bad, hey? You can use these games or similar ideas for family gatherings and different occasions. Sunday is usually our family day and I am planning to use it as a family activity – girls against boys! Having adults as part of this game gives an even broader spectrum of where you can go and pictures or video you can take. Also, you can put all short clips together and create your own movie! This is an amazing treasure that can be kept for the future.

Hope you will try it and if you have more ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment below! I always love to hear from my followers 🙂

Lots of love,


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