I Don’t Like Water…

I don't like drinking water

You don’t like the taste of water? You prefer to pick up a glass of juice, soft drink or coffee? I get it! Listen to my quick blog and explanations as well as a solution how you could jazz it up and drink your water in a tasty way!

If you started reading this blog you probably are thinking the same thing: ‘Oh, I don’t like water…’

Ok, I get it. Why should you? We have so many nicer options available to us right now, like juices, soft drinks, lovely teas and coffees, so why should we really drink that plain, tasteless water?

So let me give you some facts that you may or may not know. A human being can survive about a month without the food, but only less than a week without water. If the human does not absorb enough water, dehydration is the result. Now, how crazy is that? So water plays a huge part in our life, but we actually pay more attention to our food than we pay to water… And water is the main and the most important nutrient for our body to function properly.

So even though you don’t like water, let me share 5 main reasons why water is so important and plays the crucial part of our health and well-being. As well as I will give you some tips and tricks at the end of this blog on how you can improve your water, make it tastier, jazz it up and drink it in a more fancy way.

So really, why water is so important?


Did you know, that 2/3 of our body is made out of water? Therefore, we have to make sure we’re drinking enough water for our body to function properly. And did you know that approximately 75% of


our brain is water? How crazy is that? And this is only the one part of our body (although, one of the most important one). So many people these days are continuously complaining about having headaches, fatigue, dizziness and being very tired all the time. It is not surprising at all and can be explained very simply – people are dehydrated. If you’re not getting enough water, your body becomes dehydrated very quickly and it has serious harming effects on your body. Therefore, we have to be very careful about dehydration.



As well as regulates the body temperature. Only water has this power, so when you drink any other liquids and getting hydration that way, unfortunately, it does not help your body and it does not benefit your body the way water does. Any other drinks like tea, coffee, juices or soft drinks do not have this power, do not carry nutrients or oxygen to your cells because it does not have any oxygen!

Interestingly enough, so many people nowadays are very health conscious, so they buy a lot of vitamins and supplements in order to be and stay healthy. But the challenge is that if your body is not hydrated enough if water is not regulated properly in your body, it will not absorb any of the nutrients from the expensive supplements. And you’ll end up with just a very expensive pee. You take a supplement, it goes in, cannot be absorbed because of the lack of hydration, and it goes out into your toilet! That’s why water is essential.


Water helps kidneys to do this nasty job. Adequate water consumption support kidneys and their healthy functioning, therefore, it helps better remove all the waste from the body. If you don’t get enough hydration from water, all the toxins and waste is not removed from the body, so we hold on to that. It gets stuck and clogged with your organs and not surprisingly at all those few extra pounds keep adding up and up each month or year.  When you starting to drink more water and get better hydrated, one of the first things you will notice is that you will start losing weight because you will start removing the waste and toxins from your body. And this is another reason why water is so important.


Your every cell, tissue and organ need water in order to function properly. And let’s bring the real-life examples to help understand it better. The most common feedback that I get is that people say to me they hydrate themselves with tea, coffee, juices etc. So let’s say we are growing a flower in the flower pot. If you pour tea, coffee or soft drinks on your flower on the daily basis, what’s going to happen to the flower? Do you expect that flower to grow? Another example – what happens to the fish in the fish tank if you don’t change the water? Yes, you’re right – the fish will die. Exact same what happened to the flower. So flowers or fish are living organisms and the need water to survive. Same is in our body. Our cells and tissues are alive and they are floating in the water in your body, therefore, to survive or function properly they need water. It is the same analogy as with the fish tank or the flower.


Water helps break down food so the body can absorb the nutrients. Water helps to carry those nutrients around your body and into your cells. So many people are having digestion problems and one of the main reasons is dehydration or not drinking the right type of water. So we have to make sure we’re paying attention to what kind of water we are drinking because it is so important to the functioning of our body.

Not trying to scare you but these are only 5 main reasons and there are loads more why water is essential and simply necessary. So even if you don’t like water knowing these reasons hopefully will give you a bit more of a clarity why you should be drinking water.

I know you said you don’t like water and I understand that. But as I mentioned earlier, you can actually jazz it up and make water tasty. Drink the water in a tasty and new way! And to do that I am giving you my free eBook with 15 Water Cocktail recipes that will give you tons of ideas how you can drink your water in a tasty and healthy way. You can make your water tasty! It doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring, you can add some nice natural ingredients like berries, fruits and herbs and make it taste as a real cocktail!

Download my free eBook now and get access to the recipes instantly. In the book, I have also explained what benefits each fruit or herb has to your body. Hence not only you’re getting access to 15 new ideas how you can make your water taste awesome, you’ll see all the benefits these additional natural ingredients do to your body.

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Be healthy with the balance…

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