Oh, Water is Water


Do you feel the same, that ‘water is water’?

Do you question yourself, why is it such a big deal made about water lately? What’s up with that? Well, I have a few answers here. Hope you’ll get a bit inspired 🙂

We already know by now that we should be drinking 8 glass of water a day in order for our body to function properly. No news here, hey?! And most of us are fully aware of the benefits of staying hydrated which includes the balanced body, weight control and healthy organs. But we hardly stop and think what is actually in each and every glass of water that we drink? What does it contain? Is all water the same? The simple answer to that question is ‘NO’. Seldom it would be that water contains only two atoms of hydrogen and an oxygen. Even the purest water comes packed with many other chemicals and minerals.

A lot of the times I would hear the comment from people that ‘oh, sure – water is water!’ Really? So, is dirt, dirt? If you talk to the farmer or gardener they would say to you that dirt is not just dirt, that you cannot grow good fruit and vegetables or plant nice flowers in any type of dirt. It’s not all the same. And the same goes for water. Not all water is the same.

And today I will discuss the 5 different types of water that are available to us today.


You may even live at the side of the mountains or in the countryside, but don’t be fooled into thinking your water supply is 100% drinkable and pure. Tap water everywhere famously contains high amounts of chlorine to kill bacteria. And what is chlorine? It’s actually Bleach. You can only imagine what it does to our bodies when consuming on the daily basis. Drinking chlorinated water even in small amounts over a long period of time is harmful and it does harm your body. If you think about it, water is travelling a bit of a distance through the pipes and so on till it reaches our taps, therefore, it can easily get the bacteria, and as a precaution, main supply water is always treated with chlorine. Doesn’t matter how good your supply water is, it ALWAYS contains at least chlorine and often many more various chemicals. Unfortunately, tap water these days is simply a chemical cocktail.


Is actually, as I call it, the scam of the 21st century. We have numerous issues with the bottled water and I will discuss it in more depth in my future blogs. But the main issue is plastic. The water sits in the plastic bottle for quite a few years, If you check the expiry day on the plastic bottle, it is valid for 2-3 years. But marketing industry has created and led us to believe that because we pay money, bottled water is a better option for us and should be of a better quality. Well, the reality is that this is not the case.

As I said we have a few issues with the bottled water and plastic is a huge topic now. It is a massive environmental issue but also it is harming not only the environment but our bodies also. Plastic bottles have a chemical called Bisphenol A also well known as BPA, that leaches into the water and it is widely known as a hormone disruptor, therefore, it has a huge harming effect on our bodies.


Well-water used to be and sometimes still is the better option available. But the challenge is these days that most of the wells are now contaminated. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by chemicals and it has an effect on different areas of our life including the water. Chemicals reach the well-water from the rain, soil and so on. If you have a well, you need to pay careful attention and do regular tests to check the well-water to make sure it is not contaminated as well as the alkalinity levels in the water are high, so it is suitable for drinking. Hence, the maintenance is expensive and time-consuming.


This is a minefield to many people including me. I always recommend people on the basic level to least install a ceramic filter to clean the main chemicals from your tap water like chlorine, lies, metals and leds. The biggest challenge with filtration is that there are so many different types of filters, such a variety of options that people are completely confused about what they should be getting or what is needed for their home. Few of you know that you have to be mindful and careful with filtration – so many filters out there that are not only removing the chemicals from the water but also removes the minerals. Hence the water then is dead and deformed, there is hardly any benefit in drinking that kind of water. Dead water without any minerals will provide the necessary hydration, but no other benefits that good quality water would give you. If you are getting the filter make sure you get good and reliable advice.


In nature, alkaline water occurs when spring water filters through the sand, pass over rocks and gets charged, therefore, picks up the minerals. This is the best option available. If you are looking after your health, you are very well aware of alkalinity and how we need alkalinity in order to help balance our bodies especially the acidity. Ionised alkaline water is the most natural and most acceptable to our bodies, it is easiest to absorb, therefore our bodies just love it. The good news is that ionisation process now can be created at home through the process called electrolysis. This makes it widely available and the safest type of water on the market and I would highly recommend it!

So now hopefully I made some clarity and you got the message is not the same. And to discuss it in more detail or find out how to get the best water at home from your own tap, book a call with me now and I will be happy to provide free 20-minute phone consultation and answer your questions.

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