What Gets Measured, Gets Done


I talk about the water all the time now. I get that water is the main source of everything in life – nothing on Earth would live without water including us, human beings. So it is very important for me to share this message with all of you.

I talk to people about water and ask them how much do they drink? I usually hear three answers:

  • Not enough;
  • I drink plenty;
  • Drinking 2 litres of water a day is a myth! We don’t need to drink that much; we get enough from our foods.


Let’s elaborate on these points. So when people say to me they don’t drink enough it’s all perfect – I can work with that and explain the necessity. Now when they say to me that they drink enough, I always wonder, how do they know? Do they measure it? Do they count? They sit here in front of me for an hour and do not take one sip of water or most of the times doesn’t even have a glass! So when is that ‘plenty’ being consumed? Like the heading says ‘what gets measured gets done!’ If you don’t measure it, you can never know exactly, can you? I was in the same boat only a few months back. I used to think I get plenty of water every day. I knew the necessity and was aware of the importance, but never measured the intake. I used to think about my day in the evening and decide that ‘yeah, I think I got enough water today. I had a glass in the morning, I THINK??? I got few more during my day in the office, I drank one more glass before the bedtime etc. But it was only in my head! My husband loves the clarity and creates systems for everything and anything! It drives me crazy. We people don’t like being ‘framed’, don’t like writing things down on our to-do list, filling in calendars with our plans and daily activities. It’s easier just to ‘have it in your head’. Why is that? Because then you forget that you haven’t done something you planned or wanted to do, no one knows about it. So one day my husband suggested to count the glasses throughout the day and write it on our board in the kitchen. And guess what – I was shocked to see at the end of the first day that I drank hardly any water! ‘That cannot be right’, I thought to myself. And did the same exercise on the second day… and got same results… So only when I started measuring I realized I did not drink enough water… Shocking, isn’t it?


Two-thirds of our whole body is water and I only used to take about 2-3 glasses (500-600ml) a day to replenish water in my body. so I knew I needed to make a change. People continuously complain about the lack of energy, tiredness, headaches or even chronic migraines. All these symptoms are of dehydration. We say we don’t feel thirsty. But actually, when you start feeling thirsty, we’ve already gone a step too far! Thirst is a sign of your body getting dehydrated. Your first signs before that are tiredness, difficulty to concentrate or stay focused, having headaches… all these things were pointing at me and started making sense… So we decided to take action and start measuring the intake of water. Only a few small changes we made and achieved great results. I started carrying 1ltr BPA free bottle (bisphenol A – a chemical that is used to produce some plastic bottles and is leaching to the water) with me everywhere, which helped me to keep an eye on how much I drank. Also, having a bottle with me all the time gave me access to water anytime I needed, then it was not a problem to consume 2ltr a day. There are also some great apps that you can download (WaterMinder – I use it and it’s brilliant, Daily Water, Water Alert…) and use on your phone that sends notifications and reminds you to take another glass of water. It helped me measure it as well. And when I started measuring, I saw progress! Great feeling of achievement.

And the last category is people arguing that you get enough liquids from foods. Again, how do you know? How do you measure? There is some truth in that, but according to British Nutrition Foundation (www.nutrition.org.uk) on average food provides about 20% of your total fluid intake. 20% is very little and not forgetting that it also depends on foods that you are eating. To make sure you get fluids from the food, the food has to be mainly vegetables and fruit, but also raw and uncooked or gently cooked (steaming, juicing, sprouting or using slow cookers).


Cooked food creates acidity in your body, raw foods neutralize the acid and are loaded with antioxidants (www.draxe.com) so even if there are fluids in it, they are acidic and harming your body, not cleaning it. Anyone who’s ever taken care of pet knows that the pH level of water in the aquarium is of utmost importance for the fish. If the water becomes acidic the fish dies because it’s only as healthy as the water in which it swims. “When the fish is sick, change the water,” says Dr Robert Young, author of the pH Miracle. “We don’t feed the fish medicine. We give them clean water. When the cells of our body our sick, we must change the water and fluids in which all cells and tissues are bathed.” So drinking water is essential and what we get from the food is NOT enough. As my very close friend said once – you don’t pour a cup of coffee on your flowers and expect them to grow and blossom, do you? Same here. Yes, a cup of coffee, tea or glass of juice will provide some fluids that are needed, but are they the right ones?

So I stay hydrated and keep measuring my daily water intake. It’s too important for my health and well-being to ignore it. “With the proper diet, no doctor is necessary. With the improper diet, no doctor can help.” – Gabriel Cousens, author of Conscious Eating. What gets measured, gets done – it means regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused.   

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