Every Woman Wants to Nourish a Healthy Family in The Joyful Household...

...let me teach YOU how

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My biggest passion is taking care of my family and making sure that we all going to live many many years of healthy, joyful and productive life.
My purpose is to help you to do the same. I know you want to have a healthy family and cultivate joyful household. But you are so busy all the time. You are overwhelmed with the choice out there, and you don't know how to manage it all. I will share with you my best tips, tricks and hacks that will help you to nourish healthy family and joyful household.
Our biggest desire is to live a productive life and life of contribution, and that requires lots of energy that only a healthy lifestyle can give you.

smart kitchen


If you are anything like me 14 years ago, you're probably not planning and that costsing you...


Why would I go into the hassle of making Pizza from scratch if the frozen ones are readily available?


How to treat your body with respect and not use it as a 'rubbish bin'?

My Life Motto

" In life, in kitchen, and in healthβ€”it's all about the balance! "

Agne Jonele