Every Woman Wants to Nourish a Healthy Family in The Joyful Household...

...let me teach YOU how

Hi, beautiful,

I am a Family Health Coach and help busy mums to save at least 3 hours a week and lots of money by Mindful Shopping and Healthy Meal Planning.

My purpose is to help you and every other busy mum nourish a healthy family in a joyful household. I know you are so busy all the time. You are overwhelmed with the choice out there. You want to make sure your family enjoys healthy and when possible home-cooked meals, but you are struggling to do so? And every night you come back home and to the same question 'what's for dinner tonight?'
Exhausted, stressed and unprepared you finally pick up the phone once again and order another takeaway or throw some plain pasta on the plate.

I will teach you how you will be able to answer what's for dinner question once a week instead of every night. How to do food shopping every seven days and avoid unnecessary runs to the supermarket every day on the way home? And finally, how to avoid throwing the food out to the bin because it is out of date! I am here to help you get the hold of your organised kitchen while implementing healthy eating habits.

My life motto is: 'In life, in kitchen, and health β€” it's all about the balance!' And so, you might see me with a cup of coffee, a glass of red wine, or enjoying super delicious pastry! I live life with a little spice, and I want to help you do the same.

And now - let's get started!

smart kitchen



If you are anything like me 14 years ago, you're probably not planning and that costing you...



Why would I go into the hassle of making Pizza from scratch if the frozen ones are readily available?



Taking time to create a simple shopping list will lead to fuller fridge, healthier choices and no more food waste!

My Life Motto

" In life, in kitchen, and in healthβ€”it's all about the balance! "

Agne Jonele